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Positive Energy Action is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable and educational foundation, dedicated to fast decisive action to advance and support all who want to collaborate in finding climate solutions in the U.S. and around the world.

Deeper Designs

We need to come together to explore ways to advance positive change. Cooperations, partnerships and education are key, along with climate justice and resilience

Energy is infinite and, as per the 1st law of thermodynamics can neither be created or destroyed. Our sun produces enough energy and we have, collectively, the the knowledge needed to harvest and use it to create abundance around the globe. We just need more cooperation and collaboration

It is our contention that technological innovation is doing just fine, thank you - but understanding, realization and partnership acceleration is needed to increase the velocity of positive change

We hold these energy truths to be self-evident:

- Sustainable energy is no longer an “alternative” but rather the primary power source for the future of humanity.

- Although the ultimate transition will require many new breakthroughs through Innovation and technology, existing methods of renewable generation and efficient high performance design are already sufficiently advanced and ready for global implementation.

- Every building project, transportation method or product that increases the percentage of renewable power usage is urgently needed and must be facilitated by any just and equitable means necessary.

- Sustainable energy capacity must not only meet 100% of current world demand but expand beyond those levels and increase quality of life for more of the world.

- Radical abundance distribution is real and must be seen as a reachable state of life on earth 🌏

Have a collaboration in mind?