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Although the ultimate transition will require many new breakthroughs of Innovation and technology, existing methods of renewable generation and efficient high performance design are already sufficiently advanced and ready for global implementation.

Rebirth of Evergreen Power

The commercial inauguration of the electric car was 134 years ago. When launched, the world's largest solar thermal power station, at Ivanpah, uses heliostat mirror systems, invented ca. 1690-1725, along with steam turbines. The earliest known windmill systems were operational in in Seistan, Persia, in ad 915.

Updating and implementing these evergreen technologies, and many more, are key to overcoming inertia and sparking a just, positive energy renaissance.

Neveau Villa Sustainable Living Systems

Relatively new innovations, such as high performance 'passive house' design, founded in the 1990's, can be combined with every valid concept - like R Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion principals to enable leaps forward as the synergistic interplay manifests.